We write the scenery is not just for the United States, but to increase the emotional appeal of the story, the scenery is the garment of the story, is like a widow in tsing yi, young girl dressed in red pants, the scenery we equipped with story characters -- make each sensitized with a heartbeat. Objects in the novel a bug a bird must have its existence significance.

A swiss replica watches ghosts and heard a loud crow crow, may be unpleasant. More than a feeling of people saw a piece of falling leaves, I would cry. Knowing this, we can get a material, anytime and anywhere for application. When describing ability to the meaning of life, as small as a worm a butterfly, conveniently picked up, all in full.Above puts it, is the story in the novel, such as figures, landscape, as a general report, with the time limit not itemized detailed Chen. If someone asked me, as you speak, the novel seems to be difficult to write? I will answer may not be a very difficult thing, but always not easy! Spend one hour with a phrase to describe you want to write the story. Spend one hour to extend it into another section, including the beginning of the story, the main conflict, and the ending.

Write a summary for cheap replica omega. Spend some time to get a general idea of each chapter of the expanded into a. In addition to the last chapter, each chapter should be at the end of the conflict. The last chapter end encyclopedia. Spend a day or two with a page describing the main characters, with half a page description other characters. Here, spend a week's time to get a page story synopsis expanded to four pages. To spend a week's time to make detailed character table and each others should know about these characters. Use a table to list all you want to join the scene of the story. Began to write your novel in tablet. Now, you can begin to appreciate your first novel of the draft.

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